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A guide to the magic of your feminine energy

How to Flip his Marriage switch

For the woman who is done with uncommitted men

This book works its magic already while you are reading it.
Every sentence is infused with vibration raising love and motivation.

Get ready for next-level love!

Discover how to get a great man to take the relationship
 to the next level, even if all of your previous relationships have failed or have been complicated

* Why your childhood doesn't matter. You can rest assured that you won't be held back in your love life by the shortcomings of your parents and family.

 * The one big trap women fall into when dating. A man can never go back to pretending that the relationship is heading toward a future together when in reality he's not ready for more.

 * Why your feminine energy is the key to the relationship you really want. Stop exhausting yourself doing too much, and start receiving. Use this and heal the energy dynamic of an on-off-relationship.

* Learn how to heal the energy dynamic of an on-off-relationship without The Relationship-Talk.

 * The seven most important signs of commitment phobia. Check to see if fear of intimacy and closeness is in any way blocking your success in love.

 * How to avoid inadvertently pushing away high-caliber men who want to fulfill your greatest desires.

* Learn how to set boundaries in a way that will attract him even more to you.

* Discover the exclusive Star-Formula: finally you know why you are hooked on a man and how you can unhook yourself emotionally from him within minutes.

 * How to communicate with a man in a way that makes him want to make you happy. Avoid and fix the two biggest communication mistakes women accidentally make...

... and much, MUCH more.

The system in this book has helped women get engaged within five months of dating and less. Will you be next?

Available worldwide as ebook and paperback
 on Amazon
Available in bookstores across the USA and the UK

The system in this book has already helped women In Germany, Austria And Switzerland get engaged within
five months of dating and less. 

Now my English speaking ladies can join in on the magic
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Dynamically Updated
Christina Schramm
Author & Relationship Coach for women

Christina Schramm is a German relationship and dating expert with a focus on female energy. She lived in Canada for two and a half years as a child and has kept her love of the English language ever since.

She developed the successful program The Original Yin Formula and published the German book Heilung muss man wollen, die einfachen vier Schritte.

Since 2014 she has been helping women to achieve a fantastic life, a happy marriage, phenomenal feminine charisma, and a proposal from Mr. Right. Her self-study programs are in German. 

She loves the magic of the Yin flow, and in 2019 received a romantic proposal by the sea from her wonderful fiancé after only four months. The wedding took place in May 2021.

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You will find a mix of German & English on my pages from now on.
I have kept my english Side under wraps until this book made me go full-on English-Mode. 
I hope you enjoy the mix and the diversity it brings to our tribe.
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